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I shot a 6-point last month with a 150gr Ballistic Tip from my .30-06 and for the first time ever, I saw a deer drop and not take a step. He didn't die immediately (that took a .45 to the brain), but he didn't get up or even seem to try. I know he wasn't shot in the spine, but through the vascular area of the neck (carotids particularly). I initially thought he jumped into the creek he was standing next to, but then noticed he was laying on the ground quivering and vaguely moving his legs (something I would normally associate with a nervous system injury - but again, no spinal cord injury). After talking with a couple of ER and Trauma MDs about shock, the only thing I can determine is that the shock of the round was the biggest factor in actually stopping this deer in his track. He was not big (only about 150lbs)and the bullet was not recovered as it passed completely through leaving about a 2" exit wound (after skinning). Any ideas, because this is quite new to me.
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