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Hah! That's about the responses I expected. Believe me, I'm completely
familiar with the reputations of these fine weapons. As I said, this is a *FREEBIE*
throw-in on a completely unrelated transaction. I'm not buying it,
and it's NOT for home defense. I dont know where on earth one would get the
idea that it was going to be my home defense gun. I re-read my original post, and
it doesnt say one word about using it for a SD/HD peice!

Anyway, reason I ask is because well... I've always had the sense not to waste
perfectly good money on crap guns, hence I've never owned a Bryco/Jennings/
Davis/Lorcin, etc...Maybe it'll suprise me, but I'm not holding my breath...

I like the hood ornament idea though...that's actually pretty cool. !!!

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