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Bryco...really that bad?

I've never heard anything good about Bryco/Jennings/Davis/Lorcin (often the
same company operating under different names, it would seem), but I'm about
to get a Bryco (Jennings) .380 in an automotive deal as a "throw in", to kind
of "sweeten" the deal. Now, dont misunderstand me here. I'm under no illusions,
as to the value of this pistol. But as a freebie, hell, I'll take it.

I just wonder why all the big fuss about these cheapie pistols. I looked at it,
and it seems solid enough. It's ergonomicly poor, but it's not a combat pistol.
It's a straight blowback, looks like it's make out of steel. Might just be plated
zinc though. Hard to tell. Doesnt look like it comes apart real easily. No take
down lever or obvious pin you can remove to strip it. The magazine is junky
at best. I havent shot it, so that remains to be seen, and frankly I'm not
expecting much. But hey, free gun. I mean, come on. How many of you could
honestly say you would turn that down? Not many, I imagine.

Unless you're a gun snob...but still...It's *free* worst, you could use
it as trading fodder during "hard times".

Anyway, I was just hoping for some feedback about this pistol. Horror stories,
glowing reviews (hah! ), and general remonstrations are all welcome.

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