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I am in a quandary. I am left-handed mostly, but somewhat ambidextrous, and my RIGHT eye is dominant (dammit!). I shoot handguns left-handed A-OK (cheating my head over to use the right eye), but for rifle shooting with scopes, I'm thinking of switching to right-handed shooting. My dominant right eye is about 20/30, so I'll be able to shoot without glasses if I switch to right handed shooting.

If I stay shooting left-handed, this is the problem: my left eye is 20/50, with an astigmatism. I need to use my glasses shooting with left eye, but even with correction, the view thru the scope is elliptical and not round, due to the astigmatism. I'm not sure what problems this will cause in shooting, if any.

The logical solution would be to switch to right-handed rifle shooting if I can adapt, and then be shooting through my dominant, strong eye with no astigmatism.

Impulsively, I went out and bought a Ruger 77 .270 Left Hand model last night (without taking my glasses). I've been borrowing a right hand bolt gun, and using it fairly comfortably. Now, I realize I may have screwed up, and will need to sell the new gun (I think I have a buyer, fortunately).

Any expert or informed opinions here?? I REALLY appreciate the help, and if you want to e-mail a reply, I'm at:
[email protected]
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