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Clearance Sale! Everything must go. All sales final.

"On Thursday the 6 of February at three of the clock Afternoon, will be sold by Publick Vendue at the Exchange Tavern, about one hundred Canvice & Ticken Tents, Poles, Mallets, and Pins to them, about five hundred Pick-Axes, fifty Axes and Hatchets, about eight hundred Tomahawks or small Hatchets, about three hundred Spades and Bills, a parcell of Shovels, Wheelbarrows, Handbarrow's, Baskets of Speaks and Nails, all to be put and sold in Lots, and to be seen at the place of sale the Morning before the Sale begins: Also a very fine Negro Woman. - Boston Gazette, Jan. 27-Feb. 3, 1728-9."

I've mixed feelings about this ad. First, we're all born almost 250 years too late to bid. Second, while I don't condone slavery, how the heck does a "Negro Woman" get mixed into a sale of military surplus? Glad it's history and not the present (though I'd love to get in on those Tomahawks).
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