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Good Price

We got a Sportmans Warehouse here about a year ago. Their prices are very nice. Truthfully, if they have it in stock, it can't be beat.

As some others have said, they do let folks doa lot of fondling with the guns, dry firing, dropping the slide numerous times, flicking the cylinder shut...

This is great if you want to do the fondling, but I shy away from buying guns that I have seen this happening too. Some of them get just plain abused by the other customers.

As I have said in the past, most of the time, I go to Sportmans Warehouse to do some fondling, and then I pay the extra $15-25 to order a NEW gun through my local dealer.

DO I feel like I'm cheating Sportsmans's Warehouse? No...I buy enough ammo and knife's there to ease my guilt.

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