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too bad i did not get a chance to read your inflamatory remarks befor they were edited.
everyone misses, i understand that. deer move, i understand that. deer take hits that would drop elephants and still run, i understand that. men take shots they know they are not capable of making because they get buck fever, i understand that ,too.
adrenalin does strang things to the body and the mind. you see a big buck and your pupils go "BOING" you "see" better, or so it appears more light. EGO says " I CAN make this shot". and after the hammer falls and you walk to where the deer stood you think "wow, that was alot further than it looked" and "boy it's getting dark".
this season i shot a spike behind my left shoulder about 60 yards away using #1 buck. he had his head down and i put the bead right on top of his head. somewhere between the time i pulled the trigger and the shot hit him he lifted his head and i blew both front legs off at the knee's. he squeeled and pushed himself into a thicket. it was so thick in there that i almost couldnt see him to kill him. it was still fairly light outside of the thick stuff but thats not where he was.
if it had been 15 min. later i would not have been able to locate him w/o a flashlight.
i dont like messy kills.
that is the first deer in 13 years that i killed that messy.
what my point is, is this,
dont let your desire to kill something get ahead of your ethics and better judgment. there is always the grocery store. its not like you are survival hunting out there.
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