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Two years ago on my last hunt of the season I missed a freakish 6 point (4x2) cull buck with a very unique rack. Cake shot, aiming for the neck ~40 yards away, with him looking right at me. The deer took off, and as I sat there for a few minutes cursing myself, I heard noise coming from the direction where the buck had run off. Thinking I might get a second chance, I got ready. I made out a deer moving on the other side of a clump of trees. As I watched him through the scope, he bent his head down walk under a tree, I saw his rack. Instead of the buck I missed, this was a much bigger 9 point buck. I took the shot, and he ran about 15 yard befor piling up on a cactus. He's the biggest buck I've taken.(18.5" wide).

Last year, on my last hunt of the season, I ran across that same freaky-horned buck. And this time I didn't miss.
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