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quit dissing the jennings, damn it!

for gods sake. buy one, file down and polish the feeding ramp, top of the magazine, and some of the rough spots, take out the safety, buy a brick of cci stingers or mini-mags, dont leave a round in the chamber and the gun is as good as any other .22 pocket gun... without a safety . the gun is good enough for me. it ain't a colt or smith & wesson bit its well worth the $5 bucks i spent for it. oh and you can get rid of the stove piping by using hotter ammo to push the slide back all the way, like hyper velocity. i also noticed that hypervelocity ammo tends to grind down rough spots and breaks the gun in faster.

i'm reluctant to pay the long distance fee just so some idiot can tell me i'm screwed, hell, i'm getting that here for free . thanks for the post Joint/Strike but the info isn't current, they moved to nevada years ago.

this gun is basically in junk shape. cracked and chipped grips, dents in the slide, no finish left, broken firing pin, the rifling seems to be fine but there are a few more problems inside i dont know about, the trigger is broken for some reason. the parts at are overpriced, $20 for a new slide, $9 for grips, $9 for a firing pin, and $15 for a magazine. thats more than the gun is worth. i'd rather duck tape the grips and file down a nail to make the firing pin . its either the manufacturer or a new gun parts site that could help me out.
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