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Basically, I agree with muleshoe. But, are you an inexperienced hunter, or inexperienced shooter? There's a difference.

If, for instance, you can reliably hit beer cans at 75 to 100 yards, offhand, you're better than the average shooter.

If you're hunting from a stand, that's less hunting than ambushing. I mean, you go and sit and wait and hope something good happens. If such be the case, and you limit yourself to shots within 50 yards, and don't get "buck fever", you can probably pop a deer between the eyes or in the ear and he/she will drop like a rock.

The problem with a .223 is that a bad hit means a wounded deer and maybe a suffering, lost deer--and that's a Bad Thing.

Again, skill level and shot placement make the difference.

A heavier bullet, loaded down a bit, is a great turkey load. Trouble is, turkeys are a lot harder to fool than deer.

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