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Aw, c'mon, Keith. Ya ain't "kewl" if ya ain't got the proper gear! Lessee: Audio system. Laser range finder, so you'll know if you're 50' or 60 feet from the speaker. Can of deer corn. 9" blade knife. 4" blade knife. Deer-hoist pulley system. Cross-country "Wheel-barrow" to haul him home. Rifle. Ammo. Spare ammo. Spare magazine for spare ammo for rifle. Camo-cloth screen. Doe scent. Munchies--of the proper high-energy sort--walking 200 yards to your "hide" is tiring. Canteen. Thermos. Binoculars.

There! All set! "Here, Bambi, Bambi..." ")

Uh-oh. Left the toilet paper in the truck!

Damfino. I'd rather kick ol' Bucky out of bed, and if he's worth keepin', collect his little self.

, Art
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