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uh... tint... what the hell are you talking about ?

i have bought a jennings back in 1998 and i dont remember putting a hole in my leg... but your right they do leave dents in the primer... after the firing pin has already slammed forward and fired the round.

honestly, i think some of you guys have been sniffing to much of the anti's fumes .

i did say no gun bashing didn't I? I know exactly what i have in my hand, no need to remind me its a SNS. so far the only people that have actually contributed to the thread are cuate, Davis, railroader, and denfoote.

I regret selling my old one so i will try to get this one to shoot again. if I get in contact with the company and they will fix it i will send it in, if not i will just wait for a gun buyback, either way i'm not throwing this thing away .
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