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i got 2 guns from him for $5. a phoenix arms raven and a jennings j-22, he had little respect for either and didn't care what happened to them(gun snob ) he didn't bother to clean them and he had no problem throwing them around and using them to practice his gun tricks. he got tired of looking at them and gave them to me, i offered him $5 so i would not owe him a favor(frankly, i dont like him too much ). the raven still has a lifetime warranty and i can get it replaced no problem . but bryco is out of business and other than putting a considerable amount of money to get it working. i doubt it would work but maybe i could reason with the company to fix it or give me a new one. i have managed to reason with companies and got what i needed in the past. but it seems Jimenez doesn't even have a damn phone!

while i am waiting for responses i will try google or the yellow pages.
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