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Use paypal

I'll bet some of you hate paypal too. I usually demand paypal payment on ebay and never have gotten burned yet. I did get ripped off by a seller on ebay once but I used paypal to pay so I sicked them onto him and they put the money back in my acct. Guess it is good when you can fool ebay at their own game and sell something they don't like under a vague category. Go for it. But I buy and sell stuff other than guns so it works for me in that area. I like to trade guns at shows alot. Then I can see what I am getting anyway. Never liked buying sight unseen like from wholesale as I always got crap anyway. Let my C&R slide because of that. Wholesalers tend to grade a bit high, as far as I am concerned. Selling on ebay is so much sweeter than buying-people bid up all kinds of junk that you would have to try to dump at an antique dealer or garage sale, for peanuts. My gawd how the money rolls in, rolls in...........
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