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customer service for the jennings j-22

i typed this in the saturday night special forum at the glocktalk boards, but seeing how not to many people go there i will post it here aswell. no gun bashing guys.

"""hey guys,

i just bought a broken, old, worn out jennings j-22 from a friend for $5. i remember reading how good bryco/jennings arms customer support was, but the company in California has long been out of business. iirc they moved to nevada and are now called 'Jimenez arms'. i want to send my gun in for repair, but will the new company take it? i assume because they make the same pistols they would repair it but then again considering they are a different company they could just as easily refuse service because its not their problem anymore. does anyone know the company's email or contact information?(preferably email because i dont want to get stuck with the long distance charge )

oh, and i also heard the new company has failed some sort of saftey test, are they making even crappier handguns than before? """

I want to ship the gun off soon but i just cant find what i'm looking for!
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