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This forum has been dead the past couple days.. where is everybody??
I don't have any hunting stories, but I can tell ya I'm getting pretty excited about my pigeons
I've been raising some pigeons for a few months. I started with 12 (can't say where I got them, can only tell you they're of the "street variety.") And now one of the couples has hatched a brood When I get enough I'll probably, how can I put this tactfully, use them for wing-shooting practice. They're also pretty good for teaching dogs to retrieve. I'm thinking next spring I'll build a bigger hutch, and began mass-production. I can already see how this one is going to be too small. I really like the variety I have now, 4 black, 1 brown, 7 grey, and the babies, that are just now starting to fledge, one grey and one black. Many of the birds also have white, in various areas, on them.
Let me know if anyone else here raises birds for hunting/or dog practice. Hope this helps to break the "quite spell." hehe
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