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If you are trying to keep varmints out of various areas try this.

First find the neighborhood geek 14 year old and tell him you want him to build you a remote controlled high voltage discharge unit.

This is a 12 volt circuit unit connected to an older 6 volt car coil unit.

This, tied to an bare wire that is insulated from the ground, will put a racoon about 10 ft in the air and learning to fly very quickly. Because it is remote controlled they never learn when to tell if it is on.

This unit properly built will put out about 150K volts at no amps (amps kill).

A neighbor built one for his roses and waited till the local hound started to pee on his roses before he turned it on. The dog would cross the street to go by his house after that. It did not hurt the dog permanently, but he NEVER peed on those roses again.

If your local builder needs more info e-mail me.
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