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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>That is what separates us from animals- the desire to not inflict suffering.

I have no doubt that you mean good, but I think that you've terribly misquoted someone.

Some people actually want to inflict suffering. Animals have no desire to inflict injury either. What would one animals suffering benefit anothers? They simply want to eat and live, and if another animal suffers/dies becaus of it, they have no opinion. All they know is that they live another day.
What seperates us from the animals is the abuility to make weighted opinions. i.e. decide what consequences our actions will have and then weigh them aganst the possible out come. A deer sees a predator, and it runs. why? it don't know, but for 100,000 years deer have done the same thing, and it's been working out for them. About 95% of what any animal (humans excluded) does is instinct. It comes naturally to them, and they do it without a seconds hesitation. The other five is the animals actual thought process, inhereted genes (maybe mommy and daddy weren't too brght either), and different factors, weather, couriosity, etc.

As far as making a clean kill, do your best, but I wouldn't have chased that coon at 3am. Maybe a neighbors dog ate him since he' *not the fastest car on the lot* anymore. We used to get coons in our yard in WA. We'd use our bows to shoot at them. Never got one, but I think you could pin one to the ground long enought to get to it

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