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I'm guessing from your use of CB caps that you're in an "urban environment", as they say. If so, you could easily have found more trouble in the chase than by staying home.

To a certain extent, regardless of the particular cartridge or the environs, why bother to shoot the raccoon, in the first place? It ain't "morally bankrupt" so much, generally, as needless--unless you're protecting a garden or some such.

I have a couple of raccoons who come up on my porch at night. They "Clang!" an alarm, which wakes me up, so I turn on the porch lights and tap on the window and watch them. They get nervous, and then hunger for the bait overcomes their caution. I tap some more; they get spooked; hunger; etc., etc.

Sometimes I get fed up with nightly reruns, so I charge out, screaming and yelling. That usually makes for a couple of weeks of peace and quiet...

Now, were I farming or gardening, I'd have a different attitude. Same for my quail--Wiley Coyote and I compete for the quail, so he loses.

Anyway, if there is any point to all this, I'd say that you need to think a bit more about what cartridge you use, and what for.

Regards, Art
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