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What kind of gun are you shooting? hmmm. I wouldn't pay the $36. fee for shooting those pheasents. If you're hardcore into pheasants you may want to, but it wouldn't be worth it too me. I'd wait a few years until they get a good population established, and you can shoot some wild ones. If you go out this year, you'll be competing with 10,000 yuppies who want to do the "outdoorsy" thing this weekend. My brother on the other hand, probably would pay it. He's hardcore into birds. I just like being outside. Shooting something is a bonus.
"what do you folks think about getting a deer tag?" This is a funny question. What does it matter what we think? do you want to go deer hunting or not? If so, don't worry about what we think (but you definately SHOULD get a tag in this case ) I do know that 3 years ago the tags were $18. so if you buy one, you should do enough hunting to make it worth it. I don't know any northern areas for deer. We lived around Tacoma, and ussually drove south from there to hunt about an hour and a half. Do you know where spannaway is? well we'd take the main road through spannaway (something hwy) and just keep driving toward Mt. Rainier. Lots and Lots of weyerhauser roads up that way, that's were we did alot of our deer hunting. I think iron sights will generally be fine in western washington. it's so shrubby and undergrown that shots are usually close. We would start walking up one of those logging road 30-45min before light, not hunting, but walking fairly fast. Usually before light you've came to a clear cut, where they've logged within a few years. We'd then spread out and sit there all morning. You'll usually see a few deer usually they're does . Then we'd get up and walk the trails, and roads till about 5 oclock, and then find another (or the same) clearcut to sit till dark. Good luck grouse hunting and hope you find a place to hunt deer (and/or pheasants )
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