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Holy Shnikies!

I sure didn't expect this thread to still be alive! OK a question for all of you UP grouse hunters...I'm from northern Wisconsin and have hunted grouse down there since I was 12. Now I'm going to school at MTU in Houghton. Are there any grouse up here? I would think that the amount of snow might make it kind of hard for them in the winter. Any good hunting close to Hougton? I don't have a car up here since the freshman parking lot is 2 1/2 miles from campus (GGRRRRR!!) I'm going home the first weekend in October to go hunting with my dad, but I'd like to mess around other weekends up here too.

JT...Field Dressed nailed it on the head...young (about 1-3 inch diameter) aspen and hemlock stands. Walk the edges of aspen (popple) stands that are the result of logging. Always check pine/hemlock clumps in the middle of popples too. Riverbeds and swampy areas are always good too. Tag Alder swamps usually hold quite a few, but good luck getting a shot off in those messes. The hunting usually doesn't get good until the leaves are down either. When the leaves are still up you can't hear 'em, can't see em, can't shoot em. So wait a couple weeks and try again. Mid October through December is prime time.

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