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Ive hunted a bunch of grouse (spruce hen) in the U.P. outside of White pine, and Otanagon and had a blast. Used to live by the White Pine mine so it was right out the back door and get with it.
Since I cant hit anything that flies I had to learn to get them by another means.
When you flush one it'll get exactly 100yds in the direction he left the ground. Walk real slow right on his line. when you get within 20yds he'll start cluckin and carrin' on, gettin real nervous, start lookin. He is as apt to be on the ground as sittin on a limb. As you get closer he's gettin real nervous and will rustle his feathers when you hear that sound he's history. 400 yds min and you'll never see him again. Gotta get him after the first jump and before the second. Count on it. 100 and he'll sit down and wait for you. Ive had them sittin on a limb right over my head and throw their voice like there right in front of you, Wrong! Rustle rustle whoosh - gone. Try it --NEVER FAILS
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