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I'm with Field-Dressed. Sheep and Goats are both good, but I lean toward Sitka Blacktailed Deer.
I grew up on Michigan White-Tails and lived in Colorado for a while and sampled Mulies but Blacktails are a whole different animal.

A blacktail taken before the rut is as tender as good beef, and far tastier. You can cut a good piece of meat - say, a piece of backstrap - into steaks, and as long as you don't overcook it you can literally cut it with a fork. Theres no need for marinades or sauces or anything like that, just fry or broil it rare and bloody and eat!

My wife says she can taste a hint of gaminess in blacktail, but if so it's too subtle for me. It's just good lean steak, except sweeter and finer grained. Delicious.

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