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Kenneling is a VERY VERY respectable way to train dogs. My aunt trains seeing eye dogs, and it is MANDATORY you train them this way.
You buy a kennel, the type you would use for traveling, and you put your dog in it. At night, you give them a toy, and lock them in there, then you let them out to go to the bathroom first thing in the morning, and last thing before you put them back in. If they tear somethig up, or get in trouble, say "kennel" and put them up for a while. They go barking at the door "kennel" and put them away. Pretty soon, they realize this is their room, and also, their punishment. We use the word "bedtime" at night, so they don't think they're in trouble. Their own little space. My dogs go to their kennels, just to take naps in the daytime, we don't lock it, because they just like to be there. Then, when you're gone, they can't shred anything, and if they have an "accident" it's easy to clean up, not on your carpet. Pretty soon it gets to where you say "kennel" and they head there on their own, you just have to shut and lock it.
We have two dogs kennel trained, a poodle/terrier, 6 years, and an Alaskan Husky, 1 &1/2 years. The poodle terrier no longer has to be locked in her kennel. She just goes there and sleeps at night, and no longer tears stuff up, so we let here be. The husky, however, is still a pup, and a BIG one. she goes in the kenel and it gets shut, everytime we leave, and every night.
This exspecially makes travelling a cinch. you just bring their kennels and they know excactly where to sleep, and if they get car sick, or wet at the lake or whatever, the mess is in the kennel, not your car. Trust me, this is not cruel. It's a good idea.
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