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I know they only weigh about 20 pounds so the dogchow bill would be low and I have no problem giving them their post pup vaccinations, but why 2?

They like packs right? How in the world can I train two beagles at once?

Who can tell me how they did it? My old lab-rotty mix Mocha was trained real tight and she could sit in a down stay for hours as I threw T-bones in front of her and dared her to even try to sniff one. Great dog! And you had to ask to come onto my property.

Are beagles trainable to be good house dogs yet not puppy enough to piss my wife off by tearing up the house and her kitchen. I don't want to be in the doghouse!

Kenneling isn't my idea of treating a dog right unless you have a big barn.

What's the word? any good websites? I hear that training them to track is no problem, it's their gift. It's just getting them to come back and stay somewhat put that's the kicker.

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