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Two things said here definatley described our beagle. "extended leave" Our dog, "hercules" would climb our chain link fence like it was a latter, jump anything shorter than 5', chew through ANY rope, and not come back until he was half dead, and about 5 lbs lighter, and for a small dog, that's alot. And "destroy alot of stuff from sheer boredom" If you get a beagle, kennel train it, and LOCK IT UP when you're not home. we locked our beagle in the kitchen, and you know those child locks you put on cabinets to keep kids out?, it didn't even slow him down, he pulled out and trashed, cereal, pasta, flour, sugar, dish washer soap, and anything else we had stored below the counter. They're still very great dogs with kids, I just recomend exstensive training while it's young, and maybe get it on whistle comands. good luck.
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