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I hate to sneak in another question but here it is, I have a pair of timberland boots, which are more of a dress style boot but i guess they are outdoor too. My question is if these would be adequate for semi cold hunting conditons? FYI-im going doe hunting with a muzzleloader which will result in a lot of tracking and walking throughout the countryside. Ive been looking at the lacrosse?, and other types of boots and im debating on getting them. Seeing that they are of upwards of $150 im not too sure on making a purchase. I would much rather spend that money on a rifle then on boots. This is my first year hunting so i want to have a semi succesful hunt by getting all the basics down. Getting a kill would be awesome, but im mostly happy just being in the outdoors with my friends and family. Side note-- ive also been looking at the blaze orange jackets with the built in etched camo patterns. I figure im killing two birds with one bullet by buying this so i dont have to buy a regular jacket plus a vest which will be more expensive and may be more prone to making noise. Im real excited for my first doe hunt in a few weeks but ive got buck fever. I lay awake thinking about that monster 10 point walking into my cross- hairs. I know many people that lose that hunting interest after a year or two of bad hunts, but for some reason i just want to kill.
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