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I'm in WI so I can't give PA specific advice.
Get good boots now, break them in before season. (no blisters during hunt.)

Can you talk to someone you will hunt with?
They would have some specifics, generally what they have. Remember to ask for two levels, bare minimum and nice to have. Start with the bare minimum first. If it is colder than -10 F you probably won't see any hunters, or deer.

I would use the advice already given. Warm and Dry, layers better. A Clear poncho is good enough in the woods, camo will show thru enough, an orange vest could go over. (you want cheap? how cheap?)
It is very hard to compensate for not enough when you are getting cold, much easier to take things off.
If you go in the woods where there are deer and sit still, the other hunters who cannot sit still generall stir the deer past you. YMMV

I bought a blaze orange raincoat, and reversible heavy coat/snopants. I use bib overalls instead of regular pants when hunting. (or get yer crack iced up a couple of times and then see the wisdom of bibs. ) I haven't found coveralls to fit me, but you might.

The deer WILL see motion, camo or not. Cover your face and hands. (I found a mosquito net for $3 three years ago, I have used it deer, turkey, and waterfowl hunting)
Wal mart does have hunting stuff in season, but you get what you pay for. A lot of sporting goods shops will have stuff also, any army surplus type stores near you? Camping/outdoor supplies? A little footwork might get you a surprizingly good deal.
Too late now but Wal mart/ Kmart usually have a clearance sale right after the season.
Good to check for next year.

Good luck, shoot straight.
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