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Many a deer have been taken in jeans and a flannel. Camo helps you remain unnoticed, but so does staying quite, using the wind, and not moving fast. I use very little "high-tech" hunting gear. I usually wear camoflauge BDU pants, and some kind of dark top, depending on how cold it is. Some times my black sweatshirt, sometimes my green and brown flannel, sometimes both, and in the winter, a camoflauge army field jacket. Boots depend on how cold it is when you're hunting if you want insulated, or non. I have insulated boots, and wear them even in the summer, because I like the extra padding. Probably not a good idea, in hotter climates. Hunter orange depends on state law, and concentration of hunter in the area. It's not law here, but sometimes we were an orange hat just to play it safe. were we hunt the concentration of hunters isn't that great. when we were kids our dad made us wear vests and hats, that was in idaho, and there were alot of hunters. I'm not worried about shooting another hunter, we're always carefull about where and what we're shooting at, but there're some real whack-jobs who don't know jack about hunting, or safe shooting. They also have hunter orange in a broken pattern. This helps hunter see you and still deer see no pattern, but it's about 5 times as expensive as a regular vest. You can take a perm. marker, and "fix" it yourself if you want. I would start with resonably priced stuff. until you get into hunting more, and decide what kind of patterns, and styles you want, I'd go temporary. Then, as you get into it more, you can invest in better quality stuff. One thing you wont want to be without is a good pair of binoculars. My pair are about $30. and I've had them probably about 6 years. Some people buy like $400. binocs, and there's really no need for that. You can get a Mighty fine pair for $100. I usually look through my scope at what-ever I see, but other hunters frown on finding themselves in your crosshairs And as for scent-locks, and all that hype, this is not bio-chemical war-fare, unless you are a professional hunter going after the biggest baddest record book buck that ever walked, I really find this expensive junk unnecasary. Mind the wind, and hunt smart, and you'll do fine. happy hunting.
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