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ust thought I'd point out that those clips are all of dogs still in training and in europe.
Yea, thats what I noticed too. Still learning the ropes.

Buddy of mine is a handler for the local Sheriff Dept and his partner is the friggin biggest German Shepard I've ever seen in my life... 130 some-odd points. monstorous dog, but a real sweetheart around friends. He was trained in Germany, if I remember correctly. All the local dog units are from what I'm told. I've actually been in one of those suits before and had good ol' Zeke come after me... VERY intimidating. SOmething I'd never ever want to be anywhere near if not in that suit. Its really quite impressive.

I remember my buddy telling me about one of Zeke's earliest stops... For some reason the dog grabbed hold of his upper leg, odd because I guess they normally go for an easily attainable body part... typically an arm it seems. But anyways, he got the thigh and got into whatever artery is right there... the perp just about bled out I hear... Crazy stuff.

and just as a side note... Zeke has the absolute worst smelling farts, ever. WOrse yet, he knows when he does it because he gets these little guilty look about him and glances up at whomever is around too see if you've noticed.
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