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Yes, moose aren't as skittish as deer, but city moose, and the ones you'll be hunting, are two different animals. "los anchorage" mooose see people everyday. last spring we had a cow and calf eating our newly planted garden. Out came the wristrocket, and a well planted steel ball on her rump sent her stampeding away, with babies in close pursuit. And last winter a young bull moose decided the best place for him to lay down was on Tudor road (busy road right in town) this worked out fine till an impaciant motorist decide he would just drive closer honking till the moose left. The moose started to get up "good, it's working" It then charged the car and careemed into the front of the car mashing the h*ll out of it. The motorist was then pleased to see that it worked, the moose waltzed into the woods unfazed. While wild moose can be stalked, fairly close, exspecially in the thick stuff they live, don't expect to just walk up to thirty yards and plink them. Unlike their cousins in anchorage, the wild ones ahve to avoid predators.
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