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Where are you going moose hunting? That really depends on whether its legal there or not. In Idaho, the gun can't weigh more than 16 lbs, that includes the scope, clips, sling, bullets, and everything, can't be a rim-fire, and it also can't be a set-gun. But in alaska the only restrictions are no rim-fires, and no set-guns, so as long as you can carry it, bring a friggen cannon!! We just got home from moose hunting about 1/2 hour ago. I took my .375 H&H and my dad carries a .338 win mag. We also took the .22-250, for black-dot shots Yes, most shot's are within a hundred yards, and putting the sneak on them is about as challenging as sneaking up on a farm-yard cow, but the stuff they live in is thick undergrowth, and nearly un-penetratable. they can walk 5 yrds, and lay down, and you'll never see them again. Hence the .22-250. If they're more than a couple hundred yards, and only in a small clearing, they'll be gone before you get there, so ya shoot them in the neck, and then go get them. (this is all in theory, so far, we've shot them with nothing less than a .338) But a guy we knew offed one with a .22, yes a bit light, but that's all he had. "I shot 'em in the back of his head, an' his legs went limp like wet noodles." I think a .50 will be plenty enough gun. you won't be carrying it though will you? mostly spot and stock, or spot and snipe?? Good luck
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