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While we're on the subject of hunting in WA, let me tell you a little story about the WDFW. Back in '97 after an admittedly tough winter, the WDFW decided to change a bunch of the eastern WA mulie min. requirements due to higher than average winter kill. Fine by me, I'm all for strong herds even if it means decreased hunting opportunities for a while. Anyhow, did they make these changes nice and early and give people a chance to change hunting plans accordingly? NO!!! You know how and when I found out about this change? It was three days into the archery season, I got pulled over by a Boise Cascade campground caretaker who showed me this WDFW flier. Now I was only allowed 3 pt. or better. The area I was hunting is decent for smaller bucks and does, but you just don't see a lot of bigger bucks. Wasn't too happy as you can imagine.

Got home later that week and wrote a nasty letter to Olympia. Received a semi-apologetic letter which was more condesending than anything else.

I've got more WDFW stories if you'd like to hear them Pax. By the way, it takes a lot to discourage me from hunting, but have you seen the fishing regs? I used to fish all the time in Oregon. Moved to WA and frankly didn't feel like buying two licenses, three permits, spending a ton of money, and muddling through all their rules just to catch 1 or 2 fish. UnLocke Washington fellow sportsman!
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