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Bottom Gun,

Yes, I have heard that, like deer, they too can see UV. Deer see everything (supposedly) in bright blue that has not been treated in UV killer detergent. What I do, since I hunt only for deer (no elk here), is to wash my clothes once in UV killer and then again in just two cups of baking soda to kill all the smells associated with the laundy process. I let them air dry outside. If you wear scents with your clothing, like deer urine or estrus, then there will be no conflicting odors that may spook the animals. Animals are more sensitive than people give them credit for...way more sensitive, as I've sadly found out the hard way. You don't have to go overboard with the UV killer and scent thing, but be aware that deer can see colors (supposedly) and with that supposition, wear garments that have been treated and have no smell, and of course, don't brush your teeth or use any deodorant or after shave, as you probably know. They don't have to even see you to know you are in their back yard...they will smell you and be gone. I use the non-smell Arm and Hammer anti-persperant to keep from sweating when I'm in the field. I also kill the UV on all my clothes, to include my boots. There is a lot of research on this on various Web sites and in books. Good luck this season!
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