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heres the other bear story:

The Associated Press

(Published September 15, 2000)

Juneau -- A Hoonah man fatally shot a brown bear as it attacked him while he was deer hunting.

Matt St. Clair, 21, escaped serious injury but was very shaken by the Tuesday incident, said Fish and Wildlife
Protection trooper Lt. Gary Folger.

"He hiked up a mountain about 21/2 hours and spotted a buck," Folger said. "Then he heard a branch pop
behind him. The bear knocked him down. He used a 30.06 to shoot it four feet away from him."

Folger said St. Clair refused to escort officers to the carcass.

"He stated he is never going into the woods again," Folger said.

Troopers don't plan to take any action because the shooting was a clear case of self-defense.

St. Clair was treated at the Hoonah Medical Center for scratches on both arms, officers said.
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