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We're headed out to hunt/camp for moose for three days, leaving tomorrow, at first light. Couldn't head out tonight like we liked too, cuz I had classes until ten, (they got out a little early) but still not early enough, it's a four hour drive from here, where we're hunting. I guess we'll road hunt some of the way too. On the way home from class I saw a cow and about a 6 month old calf. It's awesome to see them right in the city. All I could see was about 1500lbs of fresh liver and onions, and backstrap I love moose meat. It is soooo lean that if you want to make hamburgers out of it, you have to add beef fat to get it to stick together they're delicious. You think an animal that big would have tough meat, they're all muscle, but the meat is tender. More so than deer. I think it's because they hardly ever run. They spend their whole lives walking from place to place. Hope we get one And good luck elk hunting.
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