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OK. I'll bite on the "X big enough for the critter?" bandwagon.

The Wife'll be using a M7, 18.5" bbl in 7-08 for elk.

No access to chrono but 120s have been clocked at 2600fps - certainly not blazing by any standards.

I've a preliminary load using Barnes XBTs @140 grs & it's pushing max loading per standard tables but no clue as to velocity.
All my reloading manuals are using bbls of 22-24" - not the l'il stubby thing we have.
I'm suspecting we're getting right around 2400 fps - but, just a guess.

Shots will be under 200yds.

I've got warm vibes re Barnes Xs & some experience with them in other calibers.

BTW, The Wife's got a cow tag so we're not talking about any B&C 6-bys here - moreso an elk up to ~400lbs or so.

My thinking is that although not under-gunned, this is a bit on the light side.

Checking up on the results of The Seven on elk (even with handguns & resultant lower velocities), it seems to do the trick with proper placement (always the key).

Comments? Reassurances?
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