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In washington you could hunt on some of the islands in the pudget sound. But theres a few catches. Alot of the islands you can hunt on are only a few square miles. they're pretty populatied so only shotgun w/ slugs, or Bow&arrow, and you have to know somebody with land to hunt on, or pay someone. The upside, is most are any deer. Well my friend came over after hunting his grandparents place. He said he had gotten a "nice buck." I went to look at it and it was already skinned except for the head, and the legs were cut off at the knee. This was the smalles deer I've ever seen shot!! It was Probably 40-60 pounds dressed, and had 1/2 inch antlers. They didn't hardly come above the hair. He said he saw a group of does and shot the closest one. Turned out to be a buck. I thought that was hilarious, it must've only been about 5 months old
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