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I kinda chuckled when a few threads ago a guy aked if the .243 is big enough for deer "if they're really close." These guns pack a punch. You can load them up, and shoot them far, and yes, thay're plenty aduquate for deer. A .270 will do fine. Are they coups deer you'll be hunting? because my understanding of them is a big one is 120lbs, averaging around 95-105. The shots at these deer are ussually long range, because they're very wiley. Most people sitt on a big hill all day and glass, and if they see something, they shoot it from there, or risk spooking it by trying a stock. For really long range shots, I'd take our 6mm, It has a really big scope on it, and you could snipe a deer further than I wanna shoot at it. I would actually probably get a lighter than usuall load for your gun, IF these are coup deer you're after. They're not that big, and the farther shot capabuilities you get in trade may be well worth it.
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