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Hope this doesn't get you riled up, ArmySon, as you seem to have a definite idea of what hunting should be, but lots of meat hunters (like me) down here in Texas shoot game from stands overlooking feeders. I know some folks consider this to be slob hunting, but it makes for good game management and herd thinning. Game is larger and healthier.

Also- you likely wouldn't be able to stand the smell of the meat from that 450 lb hog. I wouldn't shoot one for meat that ran more than 125 lbs. The rule I usually follow is the hog should be no more than knee high at the shoulder. What I do is check out a few prickly pear clusters in my stand area for calibration to knee height. Works for me. I've found a nice little deer gut pile will draw hogs in like a charm, but you need to keep your eyes open for predators.
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