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ArmySon, you can regard hog hunting as a sport, and it can be as difficult and fair-chase as any other type of hunting.

Given how many wild hogs there are running loose, it is equally legitimate to merely harvest one for its meat, regardless of method. Remember, for many farmers and ranchers, they are nothing more than incredibly destructive pests.

They tear up fences, and will kill lambs and kids. (For the city-slickers who've stumbled in here, a kid is a baby goat.) It doesn't take a large bunch to really tear up a cornfield in one or two nights.

Back in the late 1960s and in the 1970s, more than one rancher of the general area around Leakey, Texas, set trip-wire dynamite traps at known hogs' fence-crossings. This was occasionally a bit rough on coyotes and javelinas...

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