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If you are huntig south Texas or Texas in general below Austin you are shooting Feral hogs.

These ain't no Russians.

Arts comments are correct. If you want met shoot something in the 60-70lb class. (Art: I know 338's can do the job)

They don't take a bunch of killing. We usually ride and find a bunch and then look them over and pick out a "tasty one".

.223-.270 is plenty of gun and don't bother with the extra weight of a side arm.

I take about six or more a year. Wife and I both like the meat.

I really enjoy the way we hunt them. They will come to feeders like your deer do. Be paitent and pick a "tasty one" One shot in the ear or behind the sholder, high, will put pork on the ground.

Good luck

"single shot shooters only shoot once"

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