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I've hunted some in the Appalachicola River bottom swamp country around Blountstown, Florida. Beaucoup hogs, there.

The younger shoats are the prime targets for most folks. These weigh, commonly, no more than 50 pounds. Tender critters. Boars are tough; sows are left to produce more shoats.

If eatin'-meat is your first concern, I'd suggest keeping an eye out for the young ones.

FWIW, I saw a photo from a South Texas ranch, of a sow which weighed 549 pounds. Now, that's by-golly big! Another of a boar which weighed around 450.

I saw one hog--and never got a shot--up in the Davis Mountains that was easily 30" high at the shoulder. He looked to me to not weigh a full 300 pounds; I'd guess 200 to 250.

Have fun!

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