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Unfortunately I don't anticipate we'll have any dogs, it would be a lot of fun to work with them.

I've never had wild hog meat, so it will be a new experience if and when I get one of the suckers in my pot.

Okay Art, I'll make sure there is "kick" in between lever actuations! If my first hog is very close when I see him, I may be shooting my Marlin like those guys do at the cowboy competitions (ie. like a semi-auto).

I just got back from the range where I shot the Marlin 1894P again and chronoed a few more loads. A 44 in a carbine is very impressive! If a hog can stand up to one of these well placed rounds, I don't think I'll get past "Our Father. . "! :-) The recoil on the Marlin is quite pleasant. You know you're shooting something, but you can shoot 20-30 rounds with no soreness at all.

My Granddad used to raise and train birddogs. Unfortunately I came along later in my parent's life and missed out on some mighty fine quail hunting in Arkansas.

Thanks for all the good imput!
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