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PaulTX, Good deal on the 9mm. I actually never carried a back-up but that was because I didn't own a good handgun at the time. I would certainly do so now though.

Art is rigth on the "no tree" deal. LMAO. You will probly trip over yourself if you try to run but you won't find many hogs in a no tree area anyways. They like to keep cool and not be out in the blistering sun. So you should have plenty or trees around you. I got winded by a boar when I was about 20 yards away and he just snorted and ran the other way full steam ahead. He hit the river so hard I thought he had knocked a tree down. Hog hunting is fun though that is for sure and the meat is so lean it's truly worth it. My step-dad told me that the Boar meat down in our area was so nasty that there was no need to take them. We just hunted for sows. I have heard of lots of hunters taking boars though so it may have just been in my area. I don't know. You probly should ask someone in the area where you will be hunting.

Will you be hunting with dogs or anything. We had a blue tick that we thought was retarded. We tried to work with him but all he wanted to do was tackle you and lick you to death. My step-dad gave him to a hog hunter and he turneed out to be the best hog-dog in the area. He was suddenly worth quite a bit of money and the new owner wouldn't take a penny for him. I was glad for the dog though, When I left he was kept on a chain all the time. My step-dad had no idea what he was doing.
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