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Actually R.W. your experience is totally believable and valuable - it is quite possible you react differently and have a more mild reaction than most. I'm not doubting your story all that much. It is also possible you did not get the stuff directly in your eyes and on your mucus membranes, the first time I was exposed I only got a sweeping spray across the forehead and rushed off to complete the obstacle course before anyone realized the miss. I was doing so well and wondering when the stuff was supposed to kick in, when they stopped me and reapplied the spray when the instructor realized the problem 45 minutes to decon that day. I remember it too well. Another of the classes I've attended that required exposure did so with cotton swabs dipped in OC and sweeped directly across the eyes. They decided to go to that method to ensure exposure - too often in times past the students closed thier eyes at the wrong time or the wind suddenly took a hand. (And most of the dose - imagine that in Wyoming, lol.) Stream spray can be such an inprecise way to apply the stuff...

And at our last class most of us stood around and joked about how we wanted to try some of the "new" stuff in chili and on steaks to see if it were really good. Don't think anyone actually did it, though when the instructor overheard, he told us he had tried it and it wasn't anygood. Offered to spray the "tough talkers" directly in the mouth in addition to thier eyes so they could have a better opinion. Some guys sure think they are funny... No takers.

But I felt I had to take issue on the eating hots = desensitizing. Disinformation isn't something I like to see passed on when people are asking for information. Your experience is very valuable in pointing out that everyone does indeed have a different reaction and experience. That I agree with ya whole heartedly. But thanks for letting go of the non factual parts...
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