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it is a fact if you eat alot of peppers it decreases the affect.
No, it is not.

Cayenne pepper is rated as producing 30,000-50,000 SHU.
Oleresin capsaicin products rate between 1,000,000 and 5,000,000+ SHU.
Pure capsaicin come in at 16,000,000 SHU.

How would eating something that is only 5% (at most) as hot as something that runs directly into your eyes help? The mechanics are different and the heat is not even comparible. Eye and mucous membranes are much more sensitive than tongue and mouth parts last I heard. I love Jalepenos on a lotta things and intake them regularly, but if I get thier juice on my finger it still causes my eyes to water and sting if I happen to rub them....

I've never seen one ounce of proof to such a claim, which I've heard far too often - show me would ya? Please? And just think, if you happen to be one of those freaky few that such products don't affect you might make a pretty little bit of cash showing off such a talent and allowing OC companys to research why thier products don't work on you. After all - it ain't that big of a deal, right?

An aside, OC sprays do not taste good in food. It provides a lot of heat, but does not add flavor, two very different things to most people. (yeah, I tried it once) But of course there may be folks out there that like the flavor of oleresin capsaicin suspended in vinegar or oil too, taste is subjective afterall...

Back to the pic - it is a common practice for LEO and trainning sorts to subject themselves to pepper spray so they know how it will affect them if they are exposed. Many of them end up slobbering, drooling, masses of useless flesh, but most are able to work through the pain and exposure. Education is a key and they are taught that though the effect is disabling and painful, it is not permanent or totally incapacitating. They can overcome it. As a result some get through it very well, able to fight and act without much apparent difficulty. I'm one of those, but believe me the stuff burns and is uncomfortable as all get out - I can't wait to get that cold water in my face... But I've NEVER met any of them who actually went through such a trainning class and was actually exposed who was so cavalier about the experience that they laughed and said it had no effect. That just doesn't happen.

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