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I’ve hunted with pistols for probably about ten years now. I first started hunting with a .357 colt python and bagged my first deer with a handgun. After that I experimented a bit with other calibers, S&W 41 magnum, S&W 45 long, S&W and Ruger 44 magnum and Colt SAA 45 long colt. All were very good guns and calibers to hunt with but I finally ended up with the Contender in 44 Magnum. Better accuracy, ability to change barrels/calibers inexpensively and much higher velocities and greater range were my deciding factors.

Since my decision to go with the contender I have added several barrels to my collection. The .22 for squirrel hunting, .222 for varmint hunting, .357 maximum also for deer hunting and the .35 Remington I hope to use for hog hunting in the future. All these barrels are scoped. Everyone has there favorite guns whether they are wheel guns or hand cannons. I still have my Ruger super black hawk and take it out hunting on occasion. But, when I need to but that bullet in the right spot to take an animal down with one shot. I use my contender. Not because it’s the only pistol that can do it, but because that’s the pistol I feel most comfortable with.

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