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I'm not much of a hunter. I have taken a couple of whitetail deer with handguns, though. I used a Ruger Redhawk with 5 1/2" bbl and open sights on the first one. A Colt .357 (model as well as caliber) with 4" barrel and adjustable iron sights took the second deer. 240 grain JHPs and Federal 125 gr JHP. I've shot other critters with handguns, but not necessarily in the sporting tradition. Blasted cottontail with .25 ACP for example. Shot a shrew with a .22 Mag Single Six. Treed opossum with Ruger Mark II. And birds. Soooo many birds. Including Victory model .38 S&W with Wonder Sight. CCI shotshells out of a High Standard derringer. CO2 powered BB pistol. Well, you get the picture. I know of several people who truly handgun hunt deer, squirrel, and raccoon. Scoped Thompson-Center Contenders in .300 Whisper and Anschutz in .22LR to various magnum revolvers and semiautomatic rimfires.
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