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We only went chukar hunting a few times, we found a couple coveys up in the hills while deer hunting, and went back with shotguns. We collected a few birds, but none of the places are worth mentioning. Odds are, you won't see me there this october, cuz I live in alaska now, and don't get back to Idaho but prolly once a year. My sister and her family live there(kuna), and when I do get back it's ussually family time. Hope you do good though. Here's another place that's good in the morning, the cliffs aren't because in the morning they fly over too high. Follow the directions to get to the cliffs like I said, but once you get on the CJ strike cut-off road, don't turn off to the left to go to the cliffs, just follow that gravel road strait after about 2 miles past the cliffs road. The road drops way down into a basin, and you see the resivor and strike damn. Youll also see a marshy, watery, area down to your right, on the other side of the road from the resivor. I forget the name and my darn TOPO map don't say either cuz it's too small. We used to launch a canoe and paddel around that in the morning, right at first light. The guy in the back paddals, the guy in the front blast birds as the pop around the corner. They usually see you and get about a foot an' a half of the water "they're on the wing, FAIR GAME!" sorry, I'm not much of a wing shooter, so ussually they drop where they're sitting. If you don't have a boat, this marsh is still a fairly good place, providing you have a dog, because it's too deep for waders, and soo much brush you'll lose most the birds.
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